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About De Boekenplank
De Boekenplank (The Bookshelves) is a site with a focus on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Thrillers; books published in the Netherlands (and Belgium) in Dutch. Though not complete, it is (I think) a useful resource for the collector and fan. For foreign readers it might be interesting to find a Dutch translation of a book of their favorite author.

Why is the site only in Dutch?
For a very simple reason: The books listed in De Boekenplank are in Dutch, published by Dutch publishers, for a Dutch audience... Need I go on? However, the data should be "readable"  for foreign readers with a little understanding of some words. For example:

Nieuws = News
Naslag = Reference
TeKoop = For Sale
Auteurs = Authors
AnthologieŽn = Anthologies
Reeksen = Publishers Series
Tijdschriften = Magazines

In the Authordirectory (Auteursregister) choose the first letter of the authors surname, then the desired author and the authorpage shows up next.

The bibliographical data consists of:

  • Title (possible with co-author)
  • Year of publication, Publisher, Series and series identification, Number of pages (pag.), ISBN (the International Standard Book NumbeR), print 
    (if translated:) the original title and the original year of publishing or copyright, edition, the name of the translator, the name of the illustrator.
    Before the original title it states: vert.van (= abbreviation of "translation of"), before the translator vert.door (abbr. "translated by").
    If the title is a bundle of stories, the individual stories are listed (if translated with their original title). If the title is an anthology the author is mentioned before the title. The anthologies are listed alphabethically.
Other directories are:
  • The Search page, usefull for quickly find all occurencies of an author.
  • Series directory gives an overview of the larger series by publishers in the Netherlands.
  • Magazines directory (tijdschriftenregister) summons up some magazines with contents. Definitely not a full list, but just some magazines in my collection.
  • Links directory (linksregister) contains links to other useful resources on the Web.

Not all the books are in Dutch, though
There are a number of English titles also present on the site. The reason for this is i.e. that works from an author are no longer published in Dutch. Or I just couldn't wait for the translation ;-)

This site is a reference site, not a commercial one.
If you are looking for books for sale, then I recommend my webshop http://www.boekenbytes.nl/shop/index.html

If you've got any suggestions to improve this site, I would like to hear from you.

Enjoy your stay.

Kees Buis

The Bookshelves : Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Thrillers in the Netherlands
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